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Your files & Data. Secure. Anywhere, anytime.

Your files and data are the core of your business. Secure, anywhere, anytime access to the latest data is expected by staff and clients alike, and is a challenge facing many organizations. Sensitive files are often sent over email or shared using consumer services like Dropbox or OneDrive – which poses various security and privacy concerns, as well as management, auditing, and compliance challenges.

RYSER Nexus is the answer.

RYSER Nexus is a secure, enterprise grade file synchronization and sharing solution built for business. Management and auditing are at the forefront of RYSER Nexus, and with all data being hosted in Canada the service meets various compliance standards for a variety of industries. Nexus supports accessing, sharing, and synchronizing files across Windows and Mac, as well as all mobile platforms. Granular security and collaboration rules control which users have access to what files and the type of access they’re allowed (example: read-only, read/write, modify, etc.). Full auditing allows administrators to see when and where files were accessed, modified, and by whom.

Backup features support data loss prevention and restoring previous versions of files, even ones that were deleted. Military-grade 256bit encryption in transit and at rest, two factor authentication, mobile device restrictions and remote wipe capabilities provide state-of-the-art security. Multiple geo-redundant, Tier 3, SSAE16 audited data centers provide an SLA-backed 99.98% uptime guarantee with additional SLA’s for response time and service restoral. Empower your organization to be more productive, efficient and collaborative through secure access to any type of business content, anywhere, using any device.

Unleash the potential of your business with RYSER Nexus.

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