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RYSER Guardian

Full system threat prevention and remediation.

Every computer needs antivirus software, but in order to combat current sophisticated, multi-layered threats businesses must go beyond conventional antivirus protection. RYSER Guardian is a fully managed endpoint security solution designed to protect all of the Windows® devices on your network.

Optimized for both physical and virtual environments. RYSER Guardian provides far more than just antivirus protection – with a fully featured two-way firewall, intrusion detection, anti-phishing, web filtering, and user control, this comprehensive solution is essential in blocking increasingly diverse threats from infecting user systems and server endpoints.

With automated alerts, and customizable reports RYSER Guardian helps to reach HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance. Powered by the industry-leading, enterprise-class BitDefender® security engine, and utilizing RYSER’s advanced configuration, monitoring and alert system, RYSER Guardian is the pinnacle of zero-touch, full system threat prevention and remediation.

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