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RYSER Connect

Your own cloud-powered help desk.

Imagine having all of your computers continuously managed and maintained for optimal performance and reliability. Now imagine that if you have a question, or something isn’t behaving as expected, you (or your staff) can pickup the phone anytime and speak with an IT expert who is familiar with your network and happy to resolve your issue.

This is the power of RYSER Connect – a fixed-rate fully equipped virtual helpdesk service with plans that include up to 24/7 availability and 3 hour response time. Avoid surprises, and manage your IT budget with fixed support costs.

All plans include managed OS patches and 3rd party app updates, continuous system performance optimization, support with OS and common office applications, and detailed audit logs and reports on updates, maintenance and support activities. Connect to a cloud-powered help desk and experience all of the benefits of having your own in-house IT department, without the high costs of employing additional staff.

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