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RYSER Cloud Backup

Know your data is safe.

RYSER Cloud Backup is an easy to use off-site backup and disaster recovery solution. Enterprise-grade software is installed on your servers and endpoints to backup your critical business data. Full system backups can also be configured to provide OS and application restoration, as well as bare-metal recovery. Backups are stored off-site to provide maximum resilience from a disaster at your office, such as a fire, theft, or flood.

Security and privacy are ensured by encrypting backups before they leave your machine using military grade 256-bit AES encryption. Backups are encrypted again using industry standard SSL during transit to two separate Canadian data centers. Additionally a secondary, customer-defined encryption key can be set to provide maximum privacy. By storing backups at two different data centers, your data will be housed in three locations at all times providing maximum protection.

The Unlimited Retention feature ensures backups are kept forever, even for deleted items, and allows you to restore different versions at any time. Backup data is stored only in Canada allowing compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and PHIPA standards, as well as assisting with PCI compliance. Your data is critical, but also highly vulnerable: fire, theft, flood, hardware failure, accidental deletion, malicious activity, etc. Now you can protect it effortlessly. Safeguard all of your data and applications today!

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